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2016 Baratarian Cup Award Winner

The General Andrew Jackson Baratarian Cup dates back to the War of 1812 when a group of “pirates” aided General Andrew Jackson during the Battle of New Orleans. (Dominique Youx was a pseudonym for Frederick Alexander Lafitte).  Youx presented Jackson with the cup he was carrying from his ship “Circe of Barataria” for Jackson’s great leadership during the battle.


         LCDR Jim Coupe


The Krewe of Dominique Youx, the original Bay County Mardi Gras organization, selected

LCDR Jim Coupe

as the winner of the 2016 Baratarian Cup award.

The award is given annually to a non-member for their outstanding contributions to the community.

LCDR Coupe was cited for his many years of outstanding service to Panama City Beach and Bay County.

See the citation HERE.

This presentation marks the 28th. year the cup has been awarded.

Previous winners are:

Gerry Clemons, the late Tommy Thomas, Holton Harders, the late H. Mack Lewis, Larry Dantzler, M.G. “Bubber” Nelson, the late Hy Wakstein, Dr. Robert McSpadden, W. Deck Hull, Barbara Cloud, Jerry Smithwick, The late Reverend Si Mathison, Jimmy and Johnny Patronis, Bill Cramer, the late Tommy Smith, Larry Bland, Charles Whitehead, Allan Bense, L. Charles Hilton, Buddy DeFranco, Karen Hanes and Robert Meyers, Joe Tannehill, Linda Cope, Richard Jackson, Frank McKeithen, Tom Neubauer, Dr. Curtis Williams, Mike Jones...

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